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SATECH Security

About Us

Satech Security Ltd is an organisation that specialises in installing and maintaining security systems offering our customers total peace of mind.
We are a London Uk based company founded in 2018.

We have big ambitions and a clear purpose, to solve customers security needs by acknowledging that every client has specific requirements.
As an organisation, we aim for creating a new concept in the security solutions market, offering unique products and services.

We are proud to provide our customers with the best advice for cost-effective solutions at the highest quality.
With a motivated team, we strive to be professionals with creative minds; our dedicated engineers are committed to offering bespoke specialist service.

As an organisation, we firmly believe in developing long-term relationships based on mutual trust and understanding.
That’s why we’re always looking for innovative new ways to get the best to you.

  •     Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leading technology and engineering company by always putting our customers first, with integrity and transparency, but maintaining true to our guiding principles to ensure we contribute to a more safe and secure society.

To provide superior security services by always putting the client first; maintaining clear, continuous communication; and remaining true to our guiding principles: Honesty towards our clients, employees, vendors and partners.

  •     Our Mission

Our mission is to provide protection and security to our customers, introducing technical excellence, innovation and professionalising the tranquillity of our customers through developing and supplying intelligent solutions with immediate response adapting to every need. Ultimately our highest priority is the safety and security of our client’s loved ones, assets and the general public.

To achieve this mission, we must comprise the following values and work principles within our organisation:

  • Endeavour for quality and excellence in all the projects that we do
  • Have a clear view of the high standards expected of us and strive to maintain them.
  •      Our Objectives

Our main objective is to offer multiple technologies according to the precise requirements and specifications of our clients. In doing so, we select highly experienced professionals and provide proper training to ensure that our personnel are fully instructed, committed, insured and licensed.

Our strategic objectives are:


  • To ensure our technology helps to prevent crime in our society
  • To establish our company in a strong position within the technology market
  • To comply with the standards and regulations ruled by the local authorities.
  • To exclusively supply professional and warranted equipment to all our customers
  • To imply technological sustainability to drive our business to innovation and growth

CCTV Systems

Where Caution Blends with Technology!

Satech work with the best brands on the market of security. We offer a wide range of choices on CCTV systems available to be installed internally and externally adapting to the customer’s needs and specification. The best and most professional way to keep homes and business safer.

Home & Business Solutions

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Why CCTV Systems?
Why Intruder Alarms?
Why Automations Systems?
Intruder Alarms 75%
Access Control 78%
Door Entry Systems 80%
Intercoms 70%

Access Control

For most companies, choosing an access control system determines an essential factor of financial investment for their business but at the same time implementing an access control system has the bonus of additional security without needing time-consuming administration.

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